China's Vaccine Diplomacy

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Writing by Sam Denby
Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster
Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
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Wendover Productions
Wendover Productions Prieš mėn
I just wanted to bring a few things up before anyone else does because I'm sure this video (relating to a couple of hot-button issues) will invite some criticism. - There's a section at 7:31 where we talk about how in general, Chinese vaccines are not as effective as those from Moderna and Pfizer. On screen, we show their different efficacy ratings, and I know there was a popular video by Vox this week that explained why you can't directly compare vaccines to each other off of their efficacy ratings. This is absolutely true, but the general message here, that the attenuated/inactivated virus and other older technologies used by the five currently-approved Chinese vaccines are not as effective compared to those of Moderna and Pfizer is true--mRNA vaccines are known to be more effective than other technologies, and that's part of what makes them such an exciting technology. You can read this article by the Harvard Medical School for an explanation as to why and how: - I want to reiterate the point that I hope the video does: any country donating vaccines to others that have a reduced level of access is a good thing. This video does not criticize that. It merely criticizes the manner in which this is being done. In addition, it brings up the point that this could be strategically problematic for China, based on their own interests. There's definitely the flip side of that which is to say that China is sacrificing vaccinating its population in order to give doses to those that need them most, which is valiant. But again, its not the action this video is criticizing, it's the method. - Also, yes: China mismanaged the epidemic in the beginning, denied its existence, suppressed whistleblowers, etc. Once it flipped the script and started taking action, though, it quickly became one of the countries with one of the most effective suppression programs. While there is some legitimate doubt about numbers and statistics in the early days of the epidemic in China, there's no legitimate doubt that China has effectively suppressed the virus to very low levels of transmission now.
Vitor Vogel
Vitor Vogel Prieš 5 dienų
Your documentary is excellent. But I have to make some corrections. The mainly is about 5G. The Vice-President, General Mourão, stated about Huawei in the 5G in Brazil in June 2019. Link in the end. The problem between China and Brazil is more a domestic question them a diplomacy game. So, let’s go. 1 - Bolsonaro adopted the Herd Immunity strategy since the beginning. And is trying again. When the COVID arrive in Brazil, Bolsonaro adopted the Cloquine as the miracle medicine. The army’s laboratories made millions of chloroquine pills. 2) He is against social distance and did not buy any vaccines. The letter in the Twitter was a move to buy IFA and vaccines by the federal government from China. The date was February 2021. The FioCruz (federal institute) made the Aztrazeneca and Butantã Institute (São Paulo state owned laboratory) produces Sinovac. The state is ruled by Bolsonaro ex-allie, the right wing João Doria, who imposed Social Distance, lockdowns and started since day one to work in a vaccine. Bolsonaro buys his first vaccine after Doria, and came form India. 3- In 2020 the third Health Ministry, General Pazuello, announce that federal government was buying shots from Sinovac. In the next day he was in a Facebook live with Bolsonaro and canceled the deal. Pfizer offer a deal in June 2020 to sell millions of shots to Brazil. Bolsonaro recused. In this case Bolsonaro shoot in China but the aim was Doria, a potential candidate against Bolsonaro. Bolsonaro went to Supreme Court to end the lockdowns. The letter you showed was a desperate movement to buy shots and IFA to produces doses in both FioCruz and Butantã. The relations between Bolsonaros inners circle with China was the worst possible. Other authorities did the same thing, The presidents of both legislative houses, a consortium with 1/3 of the Brazilian states and even businesses man tried to make contact with China. China is the major brazilian comercial partner. 4- Bolsonaro was elected with the support of agribusiness. Mainly producers of soybean, sold to China, beef to Arab Countries and other countries and fruits to Europa. Bolsonaro transfered the Brazilian embassy to Jerusalem and attacked China in all ways possible (sinofobia, macarthismy, COVID as the new Chernobyl, etc etc. These two movements made the agribusiness gone mad. What China did? When Trump assigned the phase 1 China USA trade agreement, China will buy corn from US to feed his porks. When Trump imposed tariffs in Brazilian aluminium, hopping gain support from metal workers Bolsonaro didn’t say anything. The aluminum industry shout loud. These moves was calculated . They expected gain support and vaccines from Trump government. Brazil with Bolsonaro have a good relationship with Trump, not with the USA. The former ministry for external relations and the actual ministry of economy believe that China made COVID in labs for biochemical weapon, the same narrative that Trump adopted. Both Trump and Boris Jonhson mas clear that the priority was buy as many vaccines as possible. British have 3 times more doses to vaccinate their own people. 5- Bolsonaro was elected after visit to Taiwan. His is an anticomunist like senator MacArthur. He was expelled from the army in 1980s by insubordination. A militar tribunal declares him guilty of terrorists plot to bombing pro-democracy movements. In that period Brazilian was ruled by a civil-military dictatorship in a transition to the democracy. This transition was made by the president General Ernesto Geisel. Bolsonaro opposed the transition to power to the civilians and the new constitution with universal suffrage. Since day one of Covid he lost support with states governors and important forces of the society. The military is divided, the high ranks occupy key positions in the government but is taking distance. Mourão declaration showed this conflict of interest. 6 - Since day one in office Bolsonaro, attacks the left and center left parties. He was elected by a wave of anti-left and anti-PT (PT is Workers Party) and maintain his power in this type of politics. He always talk about coup d’etat to “liberate the people from lockdowns “. All Bolsonaro enemies, even the center or right-center is called
Karlshorst Prieš 7 dienų
@Kaniel Outis Found the tankie. How does it feel to be a CPC puppet?
Kaniel Outis
Kaniel Outis Prieš 7 dienų
Under current western narrative on China, I don’t believe there exist such a thing that China can do that would make her image to the world not suffer. Can’t believe you’re describing what China has done using such a negative tone, shame on you
twenlil Prieš 14 dienų
East South
East South Prieš 19 dienų
Thank you for contributing to the racist Anti-Chinese rhetoric! "China"
Steven Wang
Steven Wang Prieš 3 val
Just got my douse today, guess we are getting enough vaccines🤷🏻‍♂️ (I live in northeast China as well. Ppl living down south got vaccinated earlier than us.) Currently in my community there are roughly about 2k douses per day to be given out.
Sukhe Prieš 6 val
Some countries they booked non-surgical mask from China, and when masks arrived. They claimed the masks are not safe for surgical use...OMG!!!
Logic Mind
Logic Mind Prieš 17 val
China might not open up to international travel as fast as the west but economically speaking, it has already recovered and continue to do so when Europe open up again. It's nice to wrap up the video with a fairy ending but reality has a way to trump the hopeful.
Darlingo Prieš 18 val
Well, this aged poorly. Currently, China is vaccinating almost as fast as the EU with a 7-day average of 11 million per day, and it's still accelerating. It'll only be a few months before herd immunity as things are going right now.
Zai Tin Mak
Zai Tin Mak Prieš 21 val
US please do some ‘Vaccine Diplomacy’ as well , the World and India are really sick . Can we still expect US to lead and save the World ? Or we should ask China to lead in future ?
David Plowman
David Plowman Prieš 21 val
A like for hoping the Chinese people will wonder why the CCP is putting the governments needs above the people’s. Also, that setance felt very awkward, just like the spelling of the word awkward.
Mike Quick
Mike Quick Prieš dieną
China was just donating back to us the same stuffs that their oversea Chinese community cleaned out from our stores and sent back to China, millions tons of them. Chinese made vaccines aren’t even trusted by Chinese themselves
Rishi Dixit
Rishi Dixit Prieš 2 dienas
Spread the problem sell the solution
Lancemoolied Prieš 2 dienas
As America hoard and hide our vaccines from the world, we question China’s behavior when they give vaccines to their allies first. 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Kevin Gu
Kevin Gu Prieš 3 dienas
How do you donate things to countries that refuse to establish diplomatic relation to you?
Xing Shen
Xing Shen Prieš 3 dienas
The doubtful selection prenatally harm because sentence synchronously wipe of a sleepy dolphin. regular, wacky tank
China Hamyku
China Hamyku Prieš 3 dienas
China's vaccine helps developing countries fight COVID-19. Is it called "Vaccine Diplomacy"? So, the United States and the West have been hoarding vaccines and have consistently refused to help developing countries fight COVID-19. What should they be called?
tarlochan singh
tarlochan singh Prieš 3 dienas
Chinese vaccine needs careful viewing. Who knows it might be just water
tarlochan singh
tarlochan singh Prieš 3 dienas
China vaccine is just water
KM Seyam
KM Seyam Prieš 3 dienas
9:30 At least some countries are getting the vaccine.. If only the Western countries had the vaccine, the rest of the world would have had to wait till 2022..
Alan Smithee
Alan Smithee Prieš 4 dienas
this is one of the worst wendover video that i've ever seen, a video that all based on speculation. you must be idiot if you think the west will back to normal first when in the china, literally everyone already partying in the beach.
Matthew Ray
Matthew Ray Prieš 4 dienas
See that’s a vaccine I’d be hesitant to get. Idk man I just wouldn’t inject myself with China juice
Leo Li
Leo Li Prieš 5 dienų
I just cannot believe my it. Such a trash video is presented on your channel. Before we carry out further discussion, what have America and the rest Western countries did to help the rest of the world from the pandemic. No, nothing! But what China has contributed is twisted as diplomatic tricks. What a double standard. Western Media.
s s
s s Prieš 5 dienų
how much you were paid for this crap analysis and advertising a crap vaccine?
s s
s s Prieš 5 dienų
sinovac is useless vaccine
Taha Ijaz
Taha Ijaz Prieš 5 dienų
Lol china has already administered 350 M shots thats more than entire populatiom of US! China will vaccinate the entire country bu end of 2021 or mid of 2022. They have like 1.45 B people
s s
s s Prieš 5 dienų
useless sinovac vaccine 😂😂😂
A R Prieš 6 dienų
7:25 doesn't change the fact they're the country that started it
A R Prieš 6 dienų
2:20 now they have a failed rocket hurtling toward earth
Central Intelligence Agency
Central Intelligence Agency Prieš 3 val
And succesful landing on Mars
Guangrui Xia
Guangrui Xia Prieš 6 dienų
If you receive a donation when you are in desperation, are you grateful to the person or do you think that this person has a purpose? Well, you are free to decline the help. If you take the help and are actually questioning the intention of the helper, there is no better definition of hypercriticism.
Freddie Nerkury
Freddie Nerkury Prieš 6 dienų
They are possibly weaponizing vaccines also. Wake up world !!!
Ollie Prieš 6 dienų
Did Pfizer and Moderna pay you for this one? As an European I'd rather have the Chinese vaccine then a mRNA "vaccine"...
s s
s s Prieš 5 dienų
ohh really lol😂😂 so funny. sinovac is useless
Ginger Marie
Ginger Marie Prieš 7 dienų
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刘明 Prieš 8 dienų
The technology content of mask production is very low, but it's really difficult to produce masks with filtering effect lower than 60%, so I don't know where your data comes from
relax Prieš 8 dienų
Astra Zeneca is the best
Ashish Patel
Ashish Patel Prieš 8 dienų
China lied people died from the bioweapon they released
kevrev0 Prieš 8 dienų
12:53 that's a cool looking language, Looks like some type of alien script...
djinn Man
djinn Man Prieš 9 dienų
Wierd....very misleading video 1) Firstly US and the West has Vaccine hoarded. There isn't significant numbers of the MRNA vaccines for the poorer countries. This is hardly a fault of China. 2) Though the Vaccines from China currently are lower efficacy, they are still acceptably effective and can critically be stored at higher temps making them logistically easier for the Third world. 3) Why won't ANY country seek to gain some goodwill from positive deeds? This as oppose to Western countries hoarding vaccines for themselves first...Japan engaged in PPE diplomacy to China during the Wuhan lock down which was well remembered by China who later offered in return vaccines for the Olympics. Newsflash this is part of diplomacy. All countries do this. Countries can choose to be thankful for China's support or not. 4) countries are not obliged to take free vaccines from China. This is an offer. nor do they have to necessarily stay with those vaccines. If an MRNA vaccine comes available, they are free to buy that. There is a distinction between the number of vaccines that China offers as goodwill for free and that which are purchase order. This is not a charity. But it does not mean countries are locked into using China vaccines only either. Its a free market 5) There are MRNA vaccines being developed in China as well. Indeed some of the current Western MRNA vaccines also has China input. There are a good number of other vaccines in trial stage from China both from State linked or private companies. There is no reason to suggest countries around the world are locked into taking Only the concurrent lower efficacy China vaccines. This makes zero sense. The vaccine market is going to be very competitive which will be good for price point. There are at least 16 other Vaccines in development or late stage trials from China if I am correct with more on the way. Not including those form other countries. 6) China's own inoculation program with these current has ramped up significantly. As we speak, it has in raw numbers surpassed the US in very short time to close to 300 million doses administered. Whilst still lagging per capita-wise, this is less of a concern since the situation in China is significantly better controlled. 7) "Perfect is the Enemy of Good Enough"... whilst data for china'[s current vaccines have gaps, this is in part due to the scattered nature of much of the Phase 3 trials due to the situation in China being under control and with few candidates for trials there. However, WHO has approved Sinopharm for emergency use as we speak and the world is in desperate need of vaccines. As mentioned with much of the Western world's vaccines locked up bc of its own selfishness, it makes sense to use the China made vaccines. 8) A word on PPE. No other country was able to produce or meet demand for PPE at the time. China was the country that could meet the demand during time of crisis. Its not like there was much choice being presented from other countries. There were of course bad actors that took advantage of the situation in China (as there would be in any country) but those were a fraction to the amount of PPE delivered. Much of the defective product was in fact over exaggerated by Western media. Don't understand the drive of this video. Seems rather selective and not based in real world realities.
blcakstig Prieš 9 dienų
Im living in China, the fact is we are recommended by the gov to take the vaccine ASAP. You could go many major hospital in China to take the vaccine for free. there is no shortage here. by contrast i think there is over supply in china for the vaccine right now since many people are now willing to take the vaccine since there is no more new cases in china locally
s s
s s Prieš 5 dienų
hello sir. youtube doesn't Operate in your country china....😂😂😂
Ràñdøm H!T
Ràñdøm H!T Prieš 9 dienų
China is responsible for this Pandemic.
timothy1949 Prieš 10 dienų
well, no matter how "effective" mRNA vaccines are on paper, I wouldn't take it unless I live in India. Just look at history of medicine and drugs that have devastating side effects that were not known until years later. I will take vaccines based on older technology over these "super effective exciting revolutionary new tech" any day of the week. requirement to store the vaccines at temperatures lower than that of Antarctica already sound way too interesting and is a perfect excuse to shift blames should things go wrong. and let's not forget we all know that the establishment and wallstreet have the agenda of making the vaccine the ultimate "solution" of this pandemic, it was the script, and everything comes afterwards. let's see how well their script plays out.
s s
s s Prieš 5 dienų
covaxin covishield good. chinese sinovac is useless
zk liang
zk liang Prieš 11 dienų
When a person is in need of help, your competitor comes to help him, you do nothing, and you worry that the two of them will become friends. So you say to the other person, look at this person , help with a purpose. His motives are not pure. Wait a minute, what was the Marshall Plan again?
Bill Bopperton
Bill Bopperton Prieš 11 dienų
Wow! China had 14 cases in a country with 1.4 billion..that's unbelievably good. What a fairytale. I definitely trust the data.
Bill Bopperton
Bill Bopperton Prieš 11 dienų
Let's play: count the number of Chinese VPN users obsessed with what Westerners are saying about their country.
AI Totem
AI Totem Prieš 11 dienų
China is like a country full of Trump's
T-Dog Prieš 12 dienų
China: Gives countries who like them vaccines = Vaccine Diplomacy US: Bombing countries who dislike them = Spreading Democracy Being China is like being the unpopular kid at school......
Ladey Babey
Ladey Babey Prieš 11 dienų
No, China uses vaccines for political means. Like giving them if the countries agree to the belt and road plan, not because they “like” them
Heaven Bright
Heaven Bright Prieš 13 dienų
It baffles you that the PRC does not give vaccines to Paraguay? Let me break this down very simply for you: Paraguay does not recognize the PRC. Imaging going to a stranger and giving them gifts after gifts. That's socially awkward.
Ladey Babey
Ladey Babey Prieš 11 dienų
America shouldn’t of recognized them either
dhhd sjjc
dhhd sjjc Prieš 14 dienų
Ah yes lets trust china with inject us with poison
Farhi Rosley
Farhi Rosley Prieš 14 dienų
They started the pandemic and now they choose who get what. They supposed to be held responsible for this mess.
Jessie H
Jessie H Prieš 14 dienų
ChInA baD propaganda
ChiddyGamer Prieš 15 dienų
They've ramped up domestic vaccination massively recently. They've now administered more doses than the US and are doing around 7m shots a day and rising.
Kenny Prieš 15 dienų
You sure make a lot of China content, maybe a video about that genocide they're doing, or the suppression of basic human rights, border conflicts with pretty much every one of their neighbors, etc.
A D Prieš 15 dienų
China.. 😡
W S Prieš 16 dienų
Shall we donate vaccine to Taliban?
tahasahin Prieš 17 dienų
Sinovac stats from Turkey is probably lies. Most of COVID stats from Turkey is lies actually.
Jg Rsb
Jg Rsb Prieš 17 dienų
China spread the virus and now it wants people to be happy it made a crappy vaccine?
Aniket Prieš 17 dienų
Le KY Prieš 17 dienų
China giving vaccines- Vaccine diplomacy. US hoarding vaccines- Vaccine warfare.
Ladey Babey
Ladey Babey Prieš 11 dienų
The US is merely holding vaccines for it’s own people. not hoarding it
Darin Prieš 18 dienų
Dumb video. Criticizing China for how they donate and export of vaccines.... but don't mention the US isn't exporting at all. At least China is trying to help countries outside its borders.
Ladey Babey
Ladey Babey Prieš 11 dienų
For free you think? LOL
Rupesh Sharma
Rupesh Sharma Prieš 18 dienų
Problem with the video is that You believe that China cares for it's people and it's internal image ? No..they don't . Internal image doesn't impact their behavior.
Laurence Prieš 19 dienų
I’m pretty sure one of the reasons China is exporting so many vaccines and the US isn’t is because the Sinovac one is useless. It is better than nothing but it does not meet the requirements for here immunity. China’s own director for disease control said this. If their vaccine was actually good I doubt they would be exporting any. And of course China is still having issue with COVID that’s why they need a better vaccine.
Nathan Macknight
Nathan Macknight Prieš 19 dienų
First few minutes are utter bullshit. The fact remains that China is still suffering major virus numbers but don't report them.
Emploice Muswashghans
Emploice Muswashghans Prieš 19 dienų
1. Create virus & vaccine 2. Release virus to the world 3. Sell vaccine 4. Profit
Ibnu Prieš 19 dienų
Ben Beh
Ben Beh Prieš 20 dienų
What happen to Iran ? Instead of not giving help medical supplies , US even sanction not only medical supplies but also food supplies to suffocate not only Iran economy but also it's innocent citizens. Now you see what happen to India who is crying for US for help ! US have red tapes & slow in actions. By the time help come from US in May, many thousands of Indians have gone case. Need oxygen fast , vaccines are not instant cure . It takes 2~4 weeks only to activate antibody. But when your body was/is infected with covid-19 & weak, how can the body have the strength to trigger the body immune for the antibody. Even some healthy persons are knock out with the vaccines leave aside the sick or weak persons/patients .
W W Prieš 20 dienų
China does not go around demanding countries to use China vaccine. Its this countries that are supposedly western allies which us and eu refuse to help while stockpiling 3x 4x the doses required to vaccinate their citizens. Take us for example, it has 10 of millions of az vaccines sitting in the warehouse expiring, not intending to be used for its citizens, and yet refuse to provide them to Mexico, even now as India is suffering, us is impervious. The logic behind China so-called "vaccine diplomacy" is simple: i may be able to produce a very delicious cakes slowly, my people are not dying of hunger at the moment so I will give some to those who are dying of starvation. Contrast this with the western world, they are hording the food, not eating them and yet refuse to share while letting them rot.
Peter Prieš 20 dienų
'they are gonna wonder why life is back normal in the west' I lol'ed so hard
Nick Tan
Nick Tan Prieš 12 dienų
for your information life went back to normal for the Chinese at least a year ago, Wendover is having a content drought and this is possibly the worst video im watching from this guy.
Peter Prieš 20 dienų
OF COURSE bruh, if a country is not friendly, why the f would they bother to offer help? It's common sense
Nembly Prieš 20 dienų
Please do a "both sides" take and cover how US diplomacy is affecting American vaccine distribution.
Ethan Prieš 12 dienų
US don't have a vaccine democracy because they do NOT ALLOW vaccines to go abroad.
White Knight
White Knight Prieš 20 dienų
Why does US not support vaccines to other country's health workers? They would be happily accept US's vaccines, instead of China's.
Alex W
Alex W Prieš 20 dienų
Thank you for your video. I would say China is always the target of criticism in this world no matter what it does, free vaccines would be called vaccine diplomacy, if they charge for vaccines would be called making a fortune in disaster, suffer always.
Cool Legend
Cool Legend Prieš 20 dienų
Polymatter and Wendover making videos on China. Me: Bring me my Chinese Packaged Popcorn
kristoZen Prieš 21 dieną
Chinese people need a vaccine that protects them from being brainwashed by pig faced dictators !
deadinside95 Prieš 21 dieną
I find it funny how we’re solely criticizing China for choosing who gets life-saving vaccines based on diplomatic ties when private and state-owned Western vaccine manufacturers are doing the same exact thing. At least China is giving countries vaccines that the West isn’t, regardless of their motive. Not saying that it’s right, but it seems a bit western propaganda-y to only hold China accountable and not everyone. Also the end of the video just sounds like your putting words into the mouths of the Chinese people. They can think for themselves. Maybe they’re okay with staying in lockdown for a bit longer to help other, less fortunate countries?
72dew Prieš 21 dieną
Phase 3: task failed successfully
wdf aseer
wdf aseer Prieš 21 dieną
This Channel really hate China!
rahul pal
rahul pal Prieš 22 dienas
When time of need came USA back stabbed an ally.
Windy 1
Windy 1 Prieš 22 dienas
Hey india map wrong , please correct it
soo miew leng
soo miew leng Prieš 22 dienas
Moesif asdasd
Moesif asdasd Prieš 22 dienas
I really dislike how much undeserved credit he is giving china here. Completely trusting their claim of controlling the virus is HIGHLY questionable. and also failing to mention that they hoarded medical PPE from all around the world before we knew of the virus's existence and then selling it back to us at a marked up price. I'm worried that wendover's infatuation of china is giving him a strong bias
Epic Funny Moments
Epic Funny Moments Prieš 23 dienas
Imagine believing china only has 90,000 total cases, it amazes me how people are questioning it.
Andrew Kuebler
Andrew Kuebler Prieš 23 dienas
China doing everything they can to control narrative and gain power, by way of sacrificing their own people. Pretty much a Tuesday for them. Sick really.
Stand With Hong Kong
Stand With Hong Kong Prieš 23 dienas
You said “double digit cases” simply not true does welding people n homes seem normal all is propaganda at least you weren’t praising the response
Drew Santistevan
Drew Santistevan Prieš 23 dienas
If Wendover dies we know to blame
0002 Lin
0002 Lin Prieš 23 dienas
Just to point out there are no country who recognises Taiwan as an independent country instead those 15 country recognise the Republic of China over the People's Republic of China. Both China's have an one China policy in its constitution so neither will agree to have diplomatic relationship with a country who have relationship with the other China.
Darwin Tano
Darwin Tano Prieš 23 dienas
0:30 Triumphant?! That's how the CCP described their pandemic response? Hilarious. 🙄 China's pandemic response is UNRELIABLE and INACCURATE since the beginning.
JRH G Prieš 22 dienas
Whatever, enjoy your escalating casualties
Lao Chen
Lao Chen Prieš 23 dienas
Chinese bots already working busy to dislike this video.
羽白包子 Prieš 23 dienas
China products has major quality problems, why am I not surprised. Btw Sinovac vaccines that is forced to use in HK, is proven to be less effective. It might also have caused dozen of deaths in HK, which we will never know if that's related at all as no way HK or China or Sinovac is going to look into it.
Xenta Atnex
Xenta Atnex Prieš 23 dienas
You can't lie, cheat, steal or manipulate your way to a working vaccine.
Pra Ku
Pra Ku Prieš 23 dienas
Please make a video in India's vaccine diplomacy
Tyler Morrison
Tyler Morrison Prieš 24 dienas
I have a feeling PolyMatter just cursed tore up their script for this haha
Tyler Bozinovski
Tyler Bozinovski Prieš 24 dienas
I do still believe, however, that the virus is quite widespread in Communist China.
Gerald Maxwell
Gerald Maxwell Prieš 24 dienas
Only that the Brazil-China relationship basically crashed and burned. The Sinovac vaccine is like 50.3 percent effective against the Brazilian variant . Huawei may lose those bids.
Monstrum Prieš 24 dienas
It's like my dog sprayed shit on the carpet. And then when I started to clean his mess he chewed my gloves and tore up the garbage bag. After all this he had the balls to strut around the room as if I was at fault. Damn that dog came this close to being sent to the pound.
Vsta Chen
Vsta Chen Prieš 24 dienas
90% of the masks exported by China have quality problems? Well, I don’t know if Chinese mask exporters can sue you.Libel
Larry Lentini
Larry Lentini Prieš 24 dienas
This video gives waaaaaaay too much credit to China's self reported numbers. The virus just isn't destructive enough on it's own without the frenzied bureaucracy surrounding it to call them out on it.
Peter Prieš 24 dienas
USA is doing its vaccine diplomacy as well bruh. We are not stupid bro
Ethan Prieš 12 dienų
Nope, US simply just doesn't export any. American first, you know. Screw the rest of the world.
Hinzu Zufügen
Hinzu Zufügen Prieš 24 dienas
"Narrative control" that's my take-away. TY!
S B Prieš 24 dienas
If anyone really believes that China miraculously got COVID cases down to double digits, particularly when this is one of the most contagious diseases the world has ever seen, then they are mistaken
TheYaguar007 Prieš 25 dienų
The author is basically afraid of China making friends.
Darkspawn IXPE
Darkspawn IXPE Prieš 25 dienų
I think China chose to go full economic path and they really do not care about anything else. As long as they have concentration camps most people will not "respect" them and they are fine with it as long as we buy their shit.
SilvanaDil Prieš 25 dienų
China is making the same mistake as the Soviet Union -- allying itself with the poorer countries while pissing off the wealthier countries. We've seen this movie -- and how it ends.
SilvanaDil Prieš 25 dienų
How many wealthy countries are using Chinese vaccines? None. How many not-so-wealthy countries will switch to Pfizer, Moderna, etc. after the wealthy countries have been vaccinated? All of them, unless their governments forbid it.
Chhihihi Imundercover
Chhihihi Imundercover Prieš 25 dienų
That graph is a lie and China denied the world test animals while beating their citizens for being infected amongst other things but okay.
JMiskovsky Prieš 25 dienų
Big surprise: china: We help countries who do not shit on our interests.
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