How Live TV Works
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China's Vaccine Diplomacy
How to Start an Airline
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How Air Ambulances (Don't) Work
How Living at the South Pole Works
The Final Years of Majuro [Documentary]
The Logistics of Covid-19 Testing
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Why Helicopter Airlines Failed
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The Five Rules of Risk
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How Offshore Oil Rigs Work
duck of memes
duck of memes Prieš 17 val
Well well we’ll let’s find out then shall we?
Jakob Murn
Jakob Murn Prieš 17 val
Bruh humanity will live on we survive we conquer we are strong yes someday we may fall but that will not be soon
Apna Gully boy
Apna Gully boy Prieš 17 val
China will be future train king
Logic Mind
Logic Mind Prieš 17 val
China might not open up to international travel as fast as the west but economically speaking, it has already recovered and continue to do so when Europe open up again. It's nice to wrap up the video with a fairy ending but reality has a way to trump the hopeful.
Mike Watt
Mike Watt Prieš 17 val
Fed ex are merging with UPS New company is fed up
Iron Mike
Iron Mike Prieš 18 val
US is pleading African nations not to do business with China but no one's listening to them lol
MMO Archives
MMO Archives Prieš 18 val
how china recycles: the us sends trash to china for cash, china air drops US trash to thailand
Kenny Budhwa
Kenny Budhwa Prieš 18 val
I’m watching this 4 years late and must say the production quality has gotten a better and better. I could do without ur stale humour tho 😂😂 jk
Aanshatsu Prieš 18 val
1:00 Thats Nepal not China!!
Gustavo Velasquez
Gustavo Velasquez Prieš 19 val
It seems like the whole world has a china problem why doesn’t the entire world take care of them already
Darlingo Prieš 19 val
Well, this aged poorly. Currently, China is vaccinating almost as fast as the EU with a 7-day average of 11 million per day, and it's still accelerating. It'll only be a few months before herd immunity as things are going right now.
Patrick Taylor
Patrick Taylor Prieš 19 val
I can't get past the time it takes to charge. So the expectation is that people need to add X many hours to a trip to allow for charging time. At best a half hour at worst an hour to 10 hours if you have to go from 0 to full. What am I supposed to do with that time? Doesn't even get into what if someone inadvertently winds up in a place where they can not make it to a charging station. Now I have to call my boss and tell him i will hours late because I am waiting on a mobile charging station. And I could go on. Personally this is a technology you will have to drag me kicking and screaming into.
Jacob Carlson
Jacob Carlson Prieš 19 val
@Wendover Productions: Just a heads up on a technical error that you started consistently making around the 5:52 mark. When you meant to say "converter", in reference to the AC to DC converter used in an EV's charger, you ended up repeatedly calling it an "inverter" which is the polar opposite of what you were meaning. Also, in the graphic for the chargers in Salina KS, you messed up by using the icon for CCS Type 2; that's the version that's used in the European region, the US uses CCS Type 1.
Saint Arj
Saint Arj Prieš 20 val
11:01 the parking coordinator is called Leo Driver, he was made for it
Pete Peterson
Pete Peterson Prieš 20 val
Perhaps we shouldn't have a "mass market" for cars, since this was a strange byproduct of fossil fuel production. In other words, let's make it easy for people to live within walking distance of stuff and connect population centers with electric trains.
Carl Hahn
Carl Hahn Prieš 20 val
This achievement, like virtually all other recent Chinese ‘achievements’, was accomplished with foreign know-how and technology, obtained either through theft, espionage, brute threats or coercion/intimidation. This time, the stupid party was us Germans who gave away our entire ICE technology to the Chinese in exchange for some measly high speed rail construction deals in the mid 2000’s.
Carl Hahn
Carl Hahn Prieš 20 val
This achievement, like virtually all other recent Chinese ‘achievements’ was accomplished with foreign know-how and technology, obtained either through theft, espionage, brute threats or coercion/intimidation. This time, the dumb party was us Germans who gave away our ICE technology to the Chinese in exchange for some measly high speed rail construction deals in the mid 2000’s.
MrFrimbleton Prieš 20 val
Harry Orchard
Harry Orchard Prieš 20 val
Yep, so now we can ALL discount what the enviro-crazies say. Fuck them and their agenda.
Marshal_SRB Prieš 20 val
So satisfying watching this while being on cruise ship.. I hope pandemic ends soon as possible. Greetings from Regal Princess❤️
Jay S.
Jay S. Prieš 21 val
Imagine getting diverted to Ascension Island only to have no visual contact there due to too much fog and low clouds
Pierre Lucas
Pierre Lucas Prieš 21 val
How they put down public Aerospatiale? We proposed some computers to 8 years old powerfull as supercomputers and we have stop public research at Aerospatiale. ESA Space division was however an very good project to share costs in European Union. It was maybe the good solution because each countries could not support costs themeselves. We have to be concret in finance. 'Aerospatiale decreased naturaly their activities as an normal new strategy. They are making all more little. Space ship against space shuttle project, this one against concorde, where we are going?
Mobile Games and Tutorials
Mobile Games and Tutorials Prieš 21 val
6:44 North Ireland
Zai Tin Mak
Zai Tin Mak Prieš 22 val
US please do some ‘Vaccine Diplomacy’ as well , the World and India are really sick . Can we still expect US to lead and save the World ? Or we should ask China to lead in future ?
Aditya Srivastava
Aditya Srivastava Prieš 22 val
Well if you think about it india has soooo less crime than the rest of the world per capita Numbers are more cause we are more
David Plowman
David Plowman Prieš 22 val
A like for hoping the Chinese people will wonder why the CCP is putting the governments needs above the people’s. Also, that setance felt very awkward, just like the spelling of the word awkward.
Raperdude Prieš 22 val
So if the Americans make it, its fine. We had a supersonic plane they banned it in teh states.
Something Odd
Something Odd Prieš 22 val
You add SpaceX, since they are working and hypersonic travel via Starship
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Prieš 17 val
I want the boom though...
Michalis Paros
Michalis Paros Prieš 22 val
Visit Greece to meet real violence
Mahiro Hammond
Mahiro Hammond Prieš 23 val
Girls: I wanna go to China Me: Basement Land looks lit
BowWowVideo Prieš 23 val
Too much time on your hands and not enough inspiration to think of anything remotely intelligent.
Sebastian Lim
Sebastian Lim Prieš 23 val
11:18 the burn to Mazespin
Brett Shirley
Brett Shirley Prieš 23 val
That was the wrong Rolls Royce logo at 8:28 - you used Rolls Royce Motor Cars Ltd's logo rather than Rolls Royce Energy Plc's
Rjflameify Prieš dieną
this gave me a whole new appreciation for the complexity of rocket science. (coming from someone with a degree in neuroscience)
Mana Prieš dieną
The advertisement Using Gmail is way to fast and unprofessional use hover its also fast but it costs money. Thx man from the internet.
Chrissa Prieš dieną
The virus was leaked from Fort Detrick Laboratory in America. An Indian scientist called Dr. Samantha Hill who worked in Fort Detrick Laboratory described how the virus was being genetically edited and leaked from their laboratory. Her supervisor was secretly killed because he knew everything about the COVID virus. The interesting thing is that USA prevented WHO staff from investigating their laboratory, why? You can find the screenshot of Dr. Samantha Hill’s Twitter here Russian Government has also accused America of being spreading the virus from the laboratory, and the Russian government has the most well developed Intelligence System in the World :)
Kubaadamiec Prieš dieną
2:53 Tf2
Kubaadamiec Prieš dieną
Theres an easier way: Shoot the protesters.
American Filipino Gamer 2021
American Filipino Gamer 2021 Prieš dieną
🇯🇵 🇵🇭 🇰🇷 🇬🇺 🇺🇸
sequri Prieš dieną
Supersonic planes have never gone away. Commercial supersonic will never succeed with the economics that abound today. Not without subsidy (like Concorde). Nothing to do with regulation. Of course, the .1% could easily create a market for it, assuming they were willing to take the exorbitant cost. They are the only ones able to treat everything on earth as a big game and a titillation.
Lewis Hendo
Lewis Hendo Prieš dieną
14:42 that’s not the myanmar flag 🇲🇲
TheSionThomas Prieš dieną
Are people getting brain surgery as often as taking a car to the mechanic?
Mike Quick
Mike Quick Prieš dieną
China was just donating back to us the same stuffs that their oversea Chinese community cleaned out from our stores and sent back to China, millions tons of them. Chinese made vaccines aren’t even trusted by Chinese themselves
jf 5-mars
jf 5-mars Prieš dieną
Nuclear power is cleaner than hydro electricity ? That is the dumbest thing i have heard in my life
Kenya Tanzania
Kenya Tanzania Prieš dieną
Investigate Wuhan Lab Virus in YOUR NEXT VIDEO!
Brian Muvuti
Brian Muvuti Prieš dieną
I feel the US is kind of envious that it's no longer the only king in the hill! Hell in a couple of years it won't even qualify to be the prince.
Kamen Rider Geiz
Kamen Rider Geiz Prieš dieną
You say they are ready for it in Europe… maybe in France, but not here in the UK. We have significant more traffic and not near enough charging stations. I know of only ONE supermarket near me that has 2 charging stations… that’s already a problem. Then you have the issues with people who don’t have drive-ways and have to park their cars on the road. Where will the charging stations be for them?? And look… 30 minutes is TOO LONG!!! I need to have the car ready in a few minutes. Do you think busy commuters have the time to wait for half an hour?? I need the car charged in like 3-5 minutes. EV will be the end of the world
Kamen Rider Geiz
Kamen Rider Geiz Prieš dieną
The problem is… you cannot beat the speed it takes to fill a petroleum car. If you cannot charge a car in 3-5 minutes, you will only cause stupid amounts of road rage and frustration. You will find many many more cars flat out on the road because they ran out of charge and couldn’t charge up and then you have to consider the stupid amount of electricity you would need to produce. Even with solar, wind, tidal, and conventional fossil fuels: you still wouldn’t have enough to cover everyone.
Woomy TronRex
Woomy TronRex Prieš dieną
One word B u l l e t
corenik ch
corenik ch Prieš dieną
extreme isolation? not a problem. been in my house for a year now but i definitely cant stand the cold
Авторазборка Литва
Авторазборка Литва Prieš dieną
I am looking for a small business partner (selling used Tesla parts). I have a car dismantling business (small scale, 200 square meters warehouse for distmantling cars) in Lithuania, selling used car parts for lithuanian, ukrainian, belorussian and russian customers for allmoust 8 years. Now its time to jump into EV's. I have some experience selling used Tesla model S parts, but this experience is quite limited. I live in Lithuania, 43 y.o. My english is not perfect, but quite good. My russian is very good to deal with russian, ukrainian customers. About 30% of my customers are from Ukraine. Most of the cars for dismantling I buy on auctions in the UK (United Kingdom) or Finland. Mostly Copart or Willsons.
pokeman260 Prieš dieną
Lol I drive an electric car everyday. It’s so interesting whenever people bring up this conversation, and I hope someday everyone can experience how cool driving a EV is :)
Guava Devourer
Guava Devourer Prieš dieną
The Ontario lottery started a huge advertising campaign last year with the catchphrase “why dream to the min when you can dream to the max”. That’s what they are really doing, selling fantasies.
Coffeebean 1852A
Coffeebean 1852A Prieš dieną
Okay. How the fuck are they gonna pilot these things?
Hugh P. Ness
Hugh P. Ness Prieš dieną
Autonomous trucks are far far from reality.
=NolePtr Prieš dieną
If the first door is safe, then the other door is safe. If the first door is deadly, then the second door can be anything. Ergo, the answer is if the first door is safe, the other door is safe. However, none of the answers are actually fully correct because you don't know anything about the second door if the first door is actually deadly. Likewise if the sign is true, and the first door IS deadly, then you don't know if the second door is deadly or safe.
Matt Mck
Matt Mck Prieš dieną
Riots should be put down using arrests and if needed, force. Rioting is not the correct way to voice opinions and if people decide to riot, the blame for the extra violence can only be placed on them. Protests, though, should not be controlled by the heavily shielded and armored policemen, but by regular policemen so the crowds can feel safer.
Jiajian Hou
Jiajian Hou Prieš dieną
DMVs need to stop handing out licenses to dumb drivers!!!
TheNinjaDC Prieš dieną
“Magic number is $36,000” Who the f$#k are they polling, just boomers?! As an average, lower middle class millennial you need to get that down to 20k. I would even put up with a 150 mile range, and slow charging if you could get a reliable EV down to Hyundai prices.
Gil Galvan
Gil Galvan Prieš dieną
Thanks to idiots like you. Hey, whose side are you on? Howcome you don't report on Chinese and Russian bases?
iRivasTV Prieš dieną
Overnight jobs sucks. Take your life away.
Blockyboi 123
Blockyboi 123 Prieš dieną
Fun fact nuclear power has the least amount of casualties while making power fossil fuels kills 61 million people a year THATS even worse than Chernobyl
Knotty Evo
Knotty Evo Prieš dieną
My guy...have you tried airplane wifi..? lol Every flight I've been on, it's been pretty bad/spotty
Anime Clips
Anime Clips Prieš dieną
World's China problem: coming soon
Xing Shen
Xing Shen Prieš dieną
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Xing Shen Prieš dieną
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Xing Shen Prieš dieną
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Wilson Samiano
Wilson Samiano Prieš dieną
Your numbers are flawed. Most EV owners charges at home and not in charging stations. Most would only use the chargers when driving long distance. My Volt is sufficient as my normal daily drive is only 12 miles. Do you drive hundreds of miles a day on your Tesla?
Xing Shen
Xing Shen Prieš dieną
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jlmarc01 Prieš dieną
Very very interesting
Tej Bahadur Thapa
Tej Bahadur Thapa Prieš dieną
p00r service
Rylan Storm
Rylan Storm Prieš dieną
China didn't break the recycling system. They got sick of taking Americans unrecyclable trash.
AE86 hatch
AE86 hatch Prieš dieną
And just one time, I would take the northwest passage
Andrei C
Andrei C Prieš dieną
3:43 Could the fact that $5 is a more rounded & familiar number play a role in making it the desired choice?
MeGustaAzul0o0 Prieš dieną
False advertisement: This video does not actually give you step by step how they build actual satellites. Not a surprise since satellites are essentially just a giant battery that magnetizes the entire outside of the device to be polar with a few antennaes, circuit boards and solar panels.
VS M Prieš dieną
It’s so hard to pay attention after noticing that Every. Sentence. Ends. Like. This. It’s a neuroatypical thing. Can’t actually hear the words anymore because I’m anticipating the pattern.
Tuqay Prieš dieną
Also armenia has 13 terroristic organizations such as asala
Alex C
Alex C Prieš dieną
Thanks for reminding me how much I hate taxes.
Evidencespeaks4u Prieš dieną
Good shit brah 👍
Francois Pellerin
Francois Pellerin Prieš dieną
How many times a year does the average american drive more then 200 miles in a single ride ? Also, nobody seems to realize that you can charge your car at home, no need for a charging station. My chargeable Hybrid has 29 km of full electric autonomy which means I can drive back and forth to work twice before I need to charge it.